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Building Sustainable Businesses across Asia with innovative thinking

Khudra is dedicated committed  to building a better future for the communities of Asia.

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Our Mission

At Khudra, we believe that the next step to empower communities is entrepreneurship and small business. As a social enterprise, the impact we make is a key factor in terms of what we do and how we do it. The team at Khudra works with a certain future for Asia in mind.

This is a future of Financial Inclusivity.

The future of Asia that Khudra works tirelessly to build is a future where everyone, regardless of their place of origin, caste, race, religion, gender or economic standing gets an opportunity to start businesses, sustain these businesses and make a living out of them. We are the organization that wishes to provide communities across Asia with everything they need to start businesses and break from the cycle of poverty.


Khudra.asia wants to stray from the notion that businesses are started by only those with the proper economic backgrounds, instead, we believe that given the right tools, anyone can start businesses, employ the people of their communities and build growing, self-sustained communities.

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Partner with us khudra

For financial literacy services, if you are

As institutions that provide loans and investments to small businesses, it is important to make sure that your clients have all the information needed to start sustainable businesses. That is where we come in: at Khudra.asia, we have a dedicated team with the experience needed to train your entrepreneurs both digitally and through physical projects.

At Khudra.asia, we understand that modern-day students need the tools necessary to start businesses, save money and control their finances. We also understand that teachers have difficulty teaching this because of a heavy course load. Khudra.asia, therefore, provides both digital services and services through after-school classes or weekend classes

For Capital Funding Services, If you are

Khudra.asia is building an online platform to ease connection making to get funding for businesses. If you are a financial institution that focuses on investment and loans, this could be the platform to digitally increase your growth and help businesses grow in the process. Work with us and join the digital revolution in financial inclusion.

Asia today is a hub for investors and lenders wishing to provide funds for entrepreneurs starting sustainable businesses. Whether you’re an informal lender or a formal investor, Khudra.asia is building the mechanism and platform for you to connect with individuals across Asia so that you can spot the ventures that you think will become growing, sustainable businesses.

For Business Capacity Building and Mentoring, if you are

For formal consultants or organizations working in business growth, Khudra.asia works to provide a platform through which you can find businesses to work with. The aim of this platform is to connect the two groups so we can utilize the knowledge of your organizations to build new, sustainable businesses across rural and urban parts of Asia!

The best way for a business to gain the final tool (capabilities to sustain businesses) is to learn from other businesses in the industry. Khudra.asia will provide a platform for businesses that want to connect with other smaller growing businesses and mentor them. This will allow connections to be smoothly built and help sustain business growth in developing areas.