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As a community, Nepal is heading into a space of deep tech & rapid innovation. Sharp-minded founders across the country are coming up with promising ideas for new digital products.

At Khudra digital, we aim to equip our partners with the digital & creative tools needed to go from having an idea to having a fully optimised product. From strategy to execution, we help drive innovation in Nepal's start-up community.

What we do.
Best Strategy Design & Consulting service at Khudra

Strategy Design & Consulting

Roadmapping & designing the strategy for getting to market is crucial. We help identify key KPIs for your business and construct roadmaps from your ideas & strategies.

Product Design service offered by Khudra.

Product Design

A digital idea needs to go through multiple steps before becoming a product. We start by researching your user, understanding your idea & then, laying out the product.

Web Development service offered at KHudra

Web Development

Making sure that every point in the user's journey is pleasurable and tells a story is key. From developing the framework to designing your layout, we've got your websites covered.

Graphic Design at Khudra

Graphic Design

Aesthetic design and brand name go hand in hand. Our designers create beautiful images and logos that make sure people remember your products as well as your brand.

Digital Marketing at khudra

Digital Marketing

Through SEO, Social Media Marketing and quick analytics, we help you build and engage your customer base while keeping a close eye on your data.

Branding & Content Strategy services at Khudra

Branding & Content Strategy

It's not just about digital analytics — creating a right brand requires proper copywriting and brand strategy. We help build the brand that you want to be remembered by.

Digital innovation at khudra

Digital Innovation

Be the first to forecast, explore, and predict Digital Innovation within your industry. We will help advance your business through innovative and emerging technologies.

Partner with us

With us, you can request individual services from web development to digital marketing or you can bring Khudra Digital in as your digital innovation partners. Through a full-scale project, we will help take your product from concept to commerce. At every point in your initialization, we are your start-up digital innovation drivers. Reach out to us for a quote, or to request our services.

Khudra Digital is committed to driving innovation & elevating startups.

We respond quickly and work flexibly according to your budget, timeline, and the services that you require.