We build business communities asia

Khudra.asia is a platform for businesses across Asia. The reason we started Khudra.asia is that we realized that most communities (especially in rural areas) lack the exposure to the tools they need to start businesses. We work to empower these communities in Asia by providing them with everything they need to start sustainable, growing businesses. Our mission is to Escalate the small businesses in Asia through new, innovative ways which make it easier for people to build businesses. We do this by equipping small businesses with financial literacy materials (both offline and online), providing a platform for them to connect with sources of funding such as investors and financial institutions, and finally providing a platform to connect with consultants and other entrepreneurs in the specific fields. Our work currently is focused on Nepal, a country in South-Asia with relatively low rates of economic growth and financial literacy and Singapore, a country in South-East Asia with some of the highest rates of economic development and financial literacy. We approach both areas slightly differently, but the problems we are tackling and the mission we have are the same. We believe that Financial Illiteracy and a lack of exposure to financial institutions are problems that exist throughout Asia, if not the whole world; the only thing that changes is the scale of the problem and this changes our particular approaches.

Who We Are

Our team at Khudra.asia is a highly motivated group of individuals that have a strong desire to make a sustainable impact on the local communities in Asia. Raised in the rapidly growing business environment of Nepal, we have seen first-hand businesses with great potential fail, because of a lack of accessibility to the information and connections they need to grow. This is especially true in the rural areas of Nepal, where the members of our team have worked for the past 3 years in providing access to financial literacy. Khudra.asia consists of individuals from varying backgrounds, with individuals trained in Engineering (Computer Science), Economics, and Finance.