Creating tech-enabled ventures in Nepal

Our goal

Khudra started as a rural-enterprise partner that worked with partner organisations such as Atharva Initiations and IME Pay to help provide support and literacy to rural areas in Nepal . After our work with rural communities, we believe that we can help our urban start-ups by providing them the services required to go from concept to creation. The country's youth has a plethora of ideas and we want to leverage on our technical skills to help them turn these ideas into relevant, beautiful & well-known products.

Simply put, we dare
what others don't

We make things, and we're awesome at it . Witnessing the emerging need for tech-driven communities in the backwoods of Nepal, our founders took it upon themselves to help people in these communities understand finance, innovation and commercialization; ultimately, employing numerous skills to uplift and upscale local businesses' revenue.

Khudra is a lot more than just a traditional service provider. Our rationale is to identify prime KPIs for businesses and construct roadmaps from primal ideas and strategies that uplift, upscale one's business and revenue.

Our Culture

Built by a group of enthusiasts who have a love of product building, designing, strategic planning, and engineering. The team at Khudra Corp. is dedicated to providing you with tangible cost-effective services. Our projects are flexible and fully focused on catering to your needs. Each project is fuelled by the passion that comes from creating products and seeing ideas come to light.

The young energy that our team possesses translates into an amazing work ethic: we're not afraid to burn the midnight oil when we need to! Khudra is committed to driving innovation & elevating startups. We respond quickly and work flexibly according to your budget, timeline, and the services that you require.

Feedback from our partners

Mission FitNepal

On behalf of the MFN - team, I would like to thank Khudra for the very successful collaboration and design contribution to our product. Khudra proved to be a reliable and responsible partner that we were comfortable to collaborate with. Our teams worked in sync, and we did not experience any discomfort in communication...

Donut Drool.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Khudra team for cooperation, excellent work and high-level professionalism. We ordered logo desigining via online mode. Khudra designers are extraordinary productive specialists and are creative in solving all assigned tasks...


We hereby announce that in according to the completion of designing, developing, and testing our website,, we are delighted and fully satisfied in terms of workmanship of your designs, providing assistance in troubleshooting issues, and developing a responsive in the timeless possible manner...

Covid Counter

By this letter, our team wants to attest to their overall satisfaction regarding our collaboration with Khudra. Through their vision and creative approach, they have successfully made our project alive. The team is young, responsive and full of resources to develop all software projects (app & software)...

Singati Hydro Ltd.

We've been working with Khudra for more than a year now. Our previous experience with outsource teams was not always positive. In the case of Khudra, everything is perfect: adequate estimation and work on time, the desire to dive into the details, the desire to make a good product, a complete understanding of what they are doing and why they are doing that...


W’d like to express our sincere gratitude to Khudra for their contribution to the development of our product.

Starting with logo & brand identity for the product, and moving forward with a complete website development, e-commerce, SEO. SEM and brand management.

Get to know us,
how it began

Two friends, Shashank and Sakshyat, founded the company in 2018. Initially, we were a small rural-enterprise partner that worked with partner organizations such as Atharva Initiations and IME Pay to help provide support and literacy to rural areas in Nepal.

Today, Khudra has grown to a full-cycle venture company with attested dev, design, finance & branding expertise based in Singapore and Nepal and slowly expanding to the global market. We work with people from around the globe and would love you on board with Khudra.

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