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We, at, realize that to empower communities through entrepreneurship is not an easy task. Therefore, it needs to be a joint movement from financial institutions, educational institutions, businesses and companies like ours. To join us in this revolutionary movement towards small business based communities, you can either become our partners and work with this to build exposure for financial tools across Asia OR you can request our services for your community or your business to build sustainable, thriving businesses empowering local communities.

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All financial institutions, educational institutions, business-based organizations and public organizations are welcome to join us and multiply the impact we create through our work. With our platform, the institutions can also get higher exposure, thus including more people in the financial process.

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If you are a small business in South or South-East Asia, has the services you need to build a sustainable business of small or medium sizes. Or, if you would like to build your community into a place with an inclusive financial environment, we can initiate a long-term process with you!

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Or send us an email at ([email protected])!

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