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Vidyarthi Nepal is an online education platform that aims for much more than just teaching; their goal is to get young Nepalese minds on par with global standards through effective, goal-oriented education. Imparting essential skills that are "must know" in order to survive, excel, and grow. For generations, people have been shackled from education by the dynamic web of different problems. Vidyarthi thus provides opportunities not only for children but also for adults and young professionals to develop their skill sets.


Our Founders

Appurva Agarwal – Co-founder
Pranav Agarwal – Co-founder

Vidyarthi's specialities

→ Engaging and entertaining videos. → Stay up-to-date with global trends.
→ Career upskill from a young age.
→ Increase productivity and value.

Learn with Vidyarthi

Vidyarthi's mission is to revolutionize the online learning experience in Nepal and to prepare Nepali youth with indispensable modern-day skills. Vidyarthi provides its services through an online platform that our users can access based on a paid subscription. It works together with panels of industry experts and carefully designs and develops courses, keeping in line with global standards to give its users premium content at affordable prices.

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