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Yoddha Studios

Yoddha Studios is a global UX firm and creative company. It employs its knowledge to assist businesses in developing bold and disruptive brands. Yoddha has an impressive portfolio of over twenty multinational companies and an amazing success record. Khudra acquired Yoddha Studios in late December 2021. Khudra will work closley with Yoddha to expand the creative business by leveraging Yoddha’s expertise in creating strong and revolutionary brands now backed by Khudra.

Yoddha Studios is now a creative subsidary of Khudra.


Our Founders

Diwas Basnet – Co-founder
Manish D – Co-founder

Yoddha's specialities

→ Brand Consultation → UI/UX Design
→ Content Creation
→ Brand Identity Design

Partner with Yoddha

Yoddha functions as an outsourced creative firm with a diverse set of market expertise. Yoddha studios is creative digital design & branding studio that help companies build Bold brands that disrupt. Yoddha studios is made up of passionate team of designers and brand strategists on a mission to build timeless brands all over the globe.

Yoddha focuses on Bold Branding for Bold Brands.

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