Looking to build a tech-based,
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Khudra Ventures can take you from 0 to 1

Khudra Ventures is a venture studio: an organization that builds startups, by taking the founder’s idea from 0 to 1, giving them access to strategic, technical & creative expertise using our flagship startup development model along with helping pitch for funding to Khudra’s partner VCs.

How it


Khudra’s Ventures team are seasoned entrepreneurs with industry experience across the tech & consulting field. We take fresh ideas & turn them into strategic long-term & short-term plans

Design, Marketing & Development

Our Flagship Business, Khudra Digital has worked with tens of clients over the last two years. We’ve built amazing products & crafted great marketing plans. We want to take this expertise and apply it to your Very Early Stage Startups


Our role doesn’t stop at strategy. We take our startups in-house & work with them everyday to help build their businesses. We act as your co-founders & support you through the process, even after your business raises funding

Pitching & Access to Funding

Khudra Corp helps take your business from 0 to 1, and funding plays a key role. This aspect comes in a later part and is possible on the scalability of the business. While we rarely directly fund businesses, we help build your pitch deck and work with our partner Investment Firms to raise capital.

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