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Venture Building at Khudra

Khudra Ventures aims to help entrepreneurs grapple with the unknowns of building a new company by providing them with an initial development, operational support and investments. Our main goal is to found as many successful startups as possible — all from the ground up.

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The Venture Building Process

Stage 1: Investigate

This process involves sourcing ideas and evolving them step-by-step into a concrete business case. By the end of this stage, the entrepreneur should be able to convince potential customers why the service/product is valuable in the market.


  • Clear value proposition
  • Competitor analysis
  • Define idea hypotheses and assumptions

Stage 2: Validate

After the value proposition has been defined, it’s time to put ideas to the test. This stage will indicate the viability of the business idea by mapping out early product specs (PoC) followed by tests and validation from supporting evidence.


  • Customer discovery
  • User stories
  • Detail PoC features and cost estimates

Stage 3: Create

The first product (MVP) is created after incorporating results outlined in previous stages, serving as the “real-life proof” of the abstract stages leading up to it. MVPs serve as a test for partners and customers to understand its actual usage and to strengthen the market fit.


  • Develop MVP and iterate based on learnings
  • Plan out the product roadmap
  • Update the business plan

Stage 4: Portfolio

On the successful completion of all previous stages, the business case is founded. The company is added to the existing portfolio and venture developers are assigned to the business case to develop the growth strategy of the new venture.


  • Venture is founded
  • Added to portfolio

Stage 5: Scale

During this stage, the venture explores new market opportunities, builds management systems and middle management layers, and develops new products. This is the final stage before a successful exit, which is usually an acquisition, or sometimes an IPO.

Benefits of working with Khudra Ventures

→ Blend business creation with venture funding. → Help small companies achieve assets and scale faster.
→ Provide hands on support to founders in tech & business development.
→ Day to day operations handled by experienced professionals.

Corporate Partnerships

Khudra functions as an outsourced innovation lab with a diverse set of market insights.

Businesses who work with us are able to spot opportunities that might go missed. This permits the creation of an ecosystem in which partners and entrepreneurs work together to create solutions and profit from a win–win situation.

Corporations that incorporate co-innovation into their organizational culture in order to improve company operations will gain significant benefits.

How are we different?

We are more hands-on than other methods. Whereas investors and accelerators lend resources to already-launched entrepreneurs, studios choose which companies to create. Only then do they invest major resources to a startup.

We assist businesses in discovering and developing opportunities that are not directly related to their primary business. Then, through internal and external innovation, we help companies realize those opportunities. When it comes to external innovation, it's all about collaborating with startups to help them reach their goals more quickly, or building new businesses from the ground up through our Venture Studio.

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