Key holdings
of Khudra Corp

The Holdings

Khudra believes in the dissemination of knowledge and impactful resolutions to existing problems. To devise effective plans and strategize to boost the stagnant growth of our economy, Khudra is further divided into three major holdings. Each of these holdings serves a major purpose to knit the tech community together and design a sustainable market for everyone.

Our vision

Our rationale is to identify prime KPIs for businesses and construct roadmaps from primal ideas and strategies that uplift, upscale one's business, and revenue. A movement to make tech more sustainable, adaptive, literary , and reachable in Nepal. Our holdings and purpose of holdings are elaborated herewith.

Our Holdings

Khudra Holdings

1. Khudra Digital

Khudra Digital as a holding of Khudra provides effective insights on brand building and management to local businesses and selects the right fit of resources for each client. Our team includes designers and developers involved in boosting the stagnant growth of our clients and their products. Upholding the ideals of the digital community, our services are deeply intertwined with satisfying visuals and conspicuous aesthetics. Khudra's vision follows the path of ascending growth and enlarging scope around the digital community.

2. Khudra Community

The Khudra Community is an opportunity for Nepalese freelancers to step out of their box and deal with an exhaustive environment. By opening doors to the global market, we are enabling those who seek a fair opportunity to exploit their talents.

We aim to revolutionize the scope for Nepalese techies and generate a complete turnover in their career checkpoints.

3. Khudra Ventures

Khudra ventures is the visionary division of Khudra. Under Khudra Ventures, we plan to accumulate data, resources and services to support innovative communities. As problem solvers our aim will be to understand pushbacks in the startup community and counter them with efficient and vehement manpower. With this vision, we will also be actively participating as professional angel investors to help boost the startup community.

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